Genital Warts in Men
Who can be infected with genital warts? As a matter of fact all men who lead sexual life can be infected with HPV or in other words - the human papilloma virus. By the way, it was found out that men are infected with genital warts much less than women, however genital warts are analogous to women's genital warts. Unfortunately, even if men think they have treated genital warts and there are no any visible signs of them, very often genital warts appear in some period of time again and again. Actually very often the success of treating genital warts depends on the way which men have treated genital warts. In fact it's really vital to start treating genital warts at once when you have noticed any symptoms of them.

How can first symptoms of genital warts look like? Very often around the penis or for example anus men notice dark red and increased bumps. What is more, genital warts are frequently aching and uncomfortable. Actually genital warts can come out in groups or it can be only one genital wart.

Where can I notice genital warts? Men can notice genital warts in such places as for example scrotum, thighs, groin, penis and even in the area of the anus. In fact the worst thing is that this virus is extremely infectious and as a matter of fact genital warts have a tendency to develop.

When can genital warts appear? Only in some weeks after having intimacy with a HPV contaminated person genital warts can become visible. And in such cases if men doubt they should go to their physician to confirm the diagnosis. It's a pity but there aren't any HPV tests to identify the virus in men and as a result physicians just analyze genital warts in men with the help of visual checking of genital area.

What treatment do doctors usually prescribe? As a matter of fact there isn't definite type of genital warts cure for men and as a result the majority of physicians start treating the infection because it's in fact a straight consequence of the HPV. In addition to control the increase of the virus doctors use some medicines. What is more such surgical elimination of genital warts as cryotherapy, laser therapy, or electrodessication is available either. This in fact depends on the harshness of each case.

Can natural medicine be used for treating genital warts? Actually natural medicines can as well be used to dispose of genital warts in men. One of them is WARTROL - safe and very effective medicine which can help men to get rid of genital warts forever.

But call your attention to the fact that having safe sex is the best thing to stop spreading HPV.